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The Housing Issue

What if the Sheriff’s office was understaffed and couldn’t respond? If Telluride’s non-profits couldn’t count on local volunteers? If businesses had to close early? A community needs enough housing to support its economy and cultural vitality, yet the Telluride region is short at least 400 affordable homes for workers and their families.


The Trust for Community Housing released a study about affordable housing in the region. It noted that 59% of local employers report that lack of affordable housing is a critical or serious problem for their businesses.


This means a loss of our year-round neighbors who can’t find housing nearby. This includes people who are emergency personnel, guides, teachers, non-profit workers, artists, librarians and those who support our tourism economy.


The Trust for Community Housing, the Telluride region’s only non-profit devoted to affordable housing, is working to preserve our community through increasing housing opportunities including this unique partnership with Landing Locals.

For homeowners

Landing Locals provides you stable monthly income and vetted tenants for your vacation home. You work directly with our experts to list, price & market your home and have peace of mind selecting a pre-qualified & trusted local tenant to look after your property.

For Renters

Check out our active listings in your region. If you don’t see a property you like you can submit a rental profile by filling out a simple and free online form. Here you can set your rental criteria, including location, price, amenities & more and we will let you know when we have a property that meets your needs.

Rental Assistance from TCH

Renters and buyers in our Telluride are challenged not only in securing affordable housing, but also financing it. TCH has established the Housing Opportunity Fund to provide grant and loan support to qualified individuals to defray the costs of obtaining housing and moving.

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