Telluride July Update

The Trust for Community Housing was established in 2018 to help increase the amount of housing available for local employees in the Telluride region. It’s the region’s only non-profit organization dedicated specifically to creating more housing. TCH also adds to the affordable housing knowledge by researching trends and techniques in other similar communities.

Amy Levek serves as TCH’s Executive Director and co-founded the organization with local residents Katherine Borsecnik and Gene Weil. Levek has a long history in Telluride issues, having served as Telluride Planning Director, Telluride Mayor, San Miguel County Commissioner and helped establish the San Miguel Authority for Regional Transportation after voters approved it. She’s also had a long involvement with non-profit organizations as both a volunteer and executive director. 

Like other places, COVID 19 has changed Telluride, especially its housing market. County public health orders limit occupancy in hotels and for short-term rentals to 50%. Once what was once a viable income strategy for owners is less certain. 

At the same time, people are coming from cities, looking for a different environment in which to live. Houses and condominiums that once housed locals have been selling, displacing long-term renters and creating severe shortage of housing. This directly impacts employers, who even in the best of times have a small labor pool because of Telluride’s isolation and distance from larger cities.

Now might be a good time for unit owners to consider renting to local workers, especially if they don’t plan on traveling over the winter. Local public health rules are unlikely to go away, making it difficult to guarantee reliable short-term rental income. Consider using the partnership that TCH has created with Landing Locals. It will help you find qualified and reliable renters, while earning income. Landing Locals does all the work, checking references and backgrounds for owners, and can arrange property management if you don’t already have a relationship for management.

Charlie Rermer


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