Introducing Lease to Locals South Lake Tahoe

Introducing an innovative new partnership and grant program, which offers qualifying South Lake Tahoe property owners up to $10k when they rent their homes long-term to local employees.

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How it Works


South Lake Tahoe property owners can earn up to a $10,000 grant for converting their property or room into a long-term rental.


To qualify, a homeowner must rent to tenants whose household averages up to 125% of the area median income and works locally. Additional the monthly rent can not exceed $3,500/month


Property Owners must sign a lease for a minimum of 12 months, and are subject compliance checks.

Grant Amounts and Rental Types

1 Qualifying Tenant 2 Qualifying Tenants 3 Qualifying Tenants 4 Qualifying Tenants 5 Qualifying Tenants
Long Term (12+ month lease)

*note — one child or multiple children count towards an additional qualified tenant.

Frequently Asked Questions

The City of South Lake has a goal of funding innovative programs that unlock existing housing stock for local employees. This program is funded by ARPA dollars and administered by Landing Locals.

Any residential property in The City of South Lake Tahoe that is currently not being rented long-term qualifies. If you are already renting your property long-term (even on a month-to-month lease) it does not qualify for the grant. Properties must be rented to a qualifying household and rent must not exceed $3,500/month.

50% of the adults in the household must be qualified tenants and household income must not average over $79,688. For related or unrelated adults over 18, you can take the average of your household income. A child or children can count as one additional household member for household income calculations.

A qualified tenant must work at least 20 hours a week for an employer based in the South Shore, must not earn more than $79,688 per year, and must not be related to the property owner. A child or children can count as one additional qualified tenant.

To qualify for the grant, you must own the property or be able to sign on behalf of the ownership of the property. You must also complete a w9 as the grant income will be issued a 1099.

The grant is dispersed to homeowners in two installments — the first payment is dispersed upon lease signing, and the second payment is dispersed at the when the lease has ended. Payments are made by the City of South Lake Tahoe and are usually sent within 30 days of the start and end of the lease.

You can learn more about the specifics of the Lease to Locals program by viewing the program guidelines on the City of South Lake Tahoe’s housing page

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