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Landing Locals matches tenants to their perfect rental home, specializing in long-term housing for locals. If you’re currently looking for housing, fill out a renter profile and Landing Locals will send you homes that match your search criteria when they become available. Once you’ve submitted a renter profile below, you’ll receive insight on homes before they go live on the website! Fill out a renter profile today!

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Our process


Create a renter profile

Creating a renter profile with Landing Locals is fast, free, and easy. This includes information like household size, housing budget, and employment information that we use to match you to potential homes.


Receive rental listings before they go live on our website

When a new home becomes available, Landing Locals sends listings to renters in our database whose search criteria match the parameters of the home. You’ll receive the listing 24 hours before we post it on our website.


Get matched with a homeowner and see the home

We put the qualifying and interested renter profiles in front of the homeowner, and then the homeowner selects three to five tenants they would like to show the home to. Landing Locals will coordinate a showing of the property, either in-person or virtual.


Fill out an application

Landing Locals sends rental applications to renters who the homeowner is interested in moving forward with. We do a comprehensive tenant screening and the homeowner makes the final selection for their tenant.


Sign a lease

Once the homeowner is ready to finalize the lease with their renter, Landing Locals coordinates the lease signing and move-in details with both parties.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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