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The Problem

The dramatic growth of resort towns across America has caused massive housing shortages for the local residents. While most people only travel to these destinations for a temporary getaway, the permanent residents and seasonal employees who support these communities are struggling to find housing.

Housing Inventory

80% of the homes in the Lake Tahoe are large, single-family second homes. We need higher density affordable housing for our workforce, which developers aren’t incentivized to build.

Empty Homes

More than 65% of Lake Tahoe’s current housing inventory sits empty the majority of the year. At the same time, hundreds of locals compete for very few available rental units.


Thousands of people in our workforce commute daily into the Lake Tahoe area from surrounding regions. Not only is that a lot of gas, but it means that when the roads are closed, businesses suffer.

For homeowners

Landing Locals provides you stable monthly income and vetted tenants for your vacation home. You work directly with our experts to list, price & market your home and have peace of mind selecting a pre-qualified & trusted local tenant to look after your property.

For Renters

Check out our active listings in your region. If you don’t see a property you like you can submit a rental profile by filling out a simple and free online form. Here you can set your rental criteria, including location, price, amenities & more and we will let you know when we have a property that meets your needs.

Community Testimonial

“We’re not going to build ourselves out of the housing problem. With its innovative approach, Landing can have a substantial impact by opening up new rental properties in Tahoe.”

— Stacy Caldwell, Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation

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