Telluride July Update

The Trust for Community Housing was established in 2018 to help increase the amount of housing available for local employees in the Telluride region. It’s the region’s only non-profit organization dedicated specifically to creating more housing. TCH also adds to the affordable housing knowledge by researching trends and techniques in other similar communities. Amy Levek […]

Landing Locals’ tenant selection process

Since the spring, when Tahoe became a mecca for many of California’s city dwellers to wait out the pandemic, we have seen the real estate market explode.  This has created an unprecedented boom in prices of homes but has also meant that an increased demand for our area’s limited supply of rentals has created even […]

Truckee-Tahoe Market July Update

Truckee-Tahoe Market Update — July 2020 Welcome to July. This crazy year has been unprecedented, and who knows what the next six months will look like? The purpose of this update is to provide some context into what we are seeing in Truckee-Tahoe’s tourism sector, the rental market, real estate, and provide some predictions on […]

Announcing an innovative new partnerships with Truckee-Tahoe employers

The Tahoe Truckee Workforce Housing Authority (TTWHA) was founded in 2020 to respond to the housing needs of the employees of four member agencies: Tahoe Forest Hospital District, Truckee Tahoe Airport District, Tahoe Truckee Unified School District, and the Truckee Donner Public Utility District. These agencies employ nearly 2,000 locals throughout North Tahoe-Truckee. The agency […]

Landing Locals launches in Telluride

We are excited to announce an innovative new project designed to increase the supply of long-term rentals available for local workers. The initiative is the result of a partnership between The Trust for Community Housing (TCH) and Landing Locals, an online marketplace that matches local employees with property owners to increase the availability of long-term […]

Local Employment Preference

Landing Locals seeks to preserve a thriving middle class in vacation towns by helping the local workforce secure housing. We do this by connecting homeowners with vetted locals through our trusted online platform. For properties listed on our platform, we give preference to renters who are locally employed. To determine priority, we have developed a […]

Landing Locals — Our progress to-date

Landing Locals launched in 2019 with the mission to preserve a thriving middle class in vacation towns by helping the local workforce secure housing. We wanted to share a little more about the problem, our solution, and our progress since we launched a little over a year ago. The problem The dramatic growth of vacation […]

Landing Locals lands in Big Sky, Montana

Vacation towns dependent on tourism are facing an increasing shortfall of available and affordable housing for their local workforce.  In 2019, Colin and Kai Frolich started Landing Locals to tackle the housing issues facing vacation towns head-on. Due to the shortage of inventory, rental costs have risen dramatically while most of the housing inventory, owned […]

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