Announcing an innovative new partnerships with Truckee-Tahoe employers

The Tahoe Truckee Workforce Housing Authority (TTWHA) was founded in 2020 to respond to the housing needs of the employees of four member agencies: Tahoe Forest Hospital District, Truckee Tahoe Airport District, Tahoe Truckee Unified School District, and the Truckee Donner Public Utility District. These agencies employ nearly 2,000 locals throughout North Tahoe-Truckee.

The agency is working to provide both physical housing and housing programming to the employees it supports. The agency is legally structured to pursue the leasing, buying, and development of housing units, and was built to welcome additional public agency partners throughout the region.

The innovation around the creation of TTWHA, the first housing JPA in California, speaks to the commitment to, and urgency of, developing housing solutions for the people that make up the fabric of this community: the local workforce. “We understand the challenges employees face in finding stable housing, and see the direct effect it has on their overall satisfaction and quality of life. TTWHA’s focus will be on responding to the needs of our workforce and improving access to housing opportunities.” said Harry Weis, Tahoe Forest Hospital President/CEO and TTWHA Board Chair.

July 1 marks the launch of the agency’s first program, a partnership with Landing Locals, that will connect TTWHA member agency employees with second-home owners for long-term leasing opportunities. Kevin Smith, Truckee Tahoe Airport District General Manager and TTWHA Vice Chair shared that “The program with Landing Locals is an exciting one and allows us to begin to unlock housing immediately. This is one of many options we’ll provide to respond to our employees’ housing needs.”

You can learn more about the partnership by visiting the partnership page or by reading the press release.

Charlie Rermer


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